Welcome to Properimage’s documentation!

Properimage is an astronomical image processing code, specially written for coaddition, and image subtraction. It uses the mathematical developement published in the following papers [Zackay2016], [Zackay2017a], and [Zackay2017b], and a PSF estimation method published in [Lauer2002].

Most of the code is based on a class called SingleImage, which provides methods and properties for image processing such as PSF determination.


A previous version of this code used the concept of ensembles, which was a class inheriting from python lists, grouping instances of SingleImage, providing all the mathematical operations over multiple images such as coadd, and subtract methods.

Now to offer more flexibility to user, there is only one class, the SingleImage. For coaddition, and subtraction the user must employ the functions provided, which take instances of SingleImage as input.

Install Properimage

Install the latest release from PyPI

$ pip install properimage


Properimage is released under The BSD-3 License.

This license allows unlimited redistribution for any purpose as long as its copyright notices and the license’s disclaimers of warranty are maintained.